Oral Candidiasis : Top Tips and Treatment

Top Tips and Treatment about Oral Candidiasis

Oral Candidias is also known as oral thrush is one kind of mouth infection which is caused by fungus or yeast  called Candida albicans or other Candia species. It spread from mouth to throat and also inner cheeks. Oral Candidiasis is most common in children & adults. Oral Candidiasis causes cream colored, white, thick white inflammation type of deposit in the mouth which is painful. If it is scraped then some blood comes out from the infected area. Treatment for Oral Candidias depends on the severity and the cause it can be included simple home remedies, systemic and oral medications.

Some tips about Oral Candidiasis is given below :

  1. Please drink sufficient amount of water. Because due to drink low amount of water it causes some gastrointestinal problem which can leads to the Oral Candidiasis.
  2. Take foods which contains rich amount of Vitamin B & C.
  3. Do not use mouthwash which contains alcohol.
  4. Avoid smoking & alcohol
  5. Try to avoid yeast or fungus related foods like yogurt , bread etc to remove Oral Candidiasis.
  6. Wash your teeth properly before going to sleep
  7. Brush your teeth with soft toothbrush.
  8. Please do not take excessive amount of antibiotics. Because sometimes antibiotic kills the bacteria which prevent Oral candidiasis.
  9. Try to avoid excessive use of mouth wash.
  10. Long time steroid medication also leads to the Oral candidiasis.
  11. Oral Candidiasis is most common in people with diabetes,dry mouth condition, AIDS, cancer (to treat chemotherapy or radiotherapy)
  12. Please clean your dentures every night before sleep.
  13. At the time of brushing , clean your tongue.
  14. You can use Nystatin (antifungal mouthwash), clotrimazole lozenge (antifungal medication) , fluconazole or itraconazole (for HIV/AIDS) , amphotericin B.
  15. If your problem is more severe then please go to your dentist.

If you have any question or want to know more about Oral Candidiasis or Candidiasis oral please comment below.


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